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Pluto in Aquarius is going to be a game changer for USA as Pluto builds a whole new American dream. In this articles I am going to talk about the foundational shift in American Identity in the next 20 years,  why it’s important to understand the cultural consciousness of your chosen country and what will happen to the New Paradigm America.

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National Identity Astrology

One of the most significant ways to understand the impact of any major cultural shift is to consult National Identity Astrology. This is a lesser known Astrology that looks at a country as having a birth chart like a person and how the Nation will thrive and survive through major cultural, political and consciousness shifts.

The more we look at ourselves and how we fit into the world around us, the more significant it becomes to consider where we live and how it affects our life plan and overall fulfillment.

Are we in alignment with opportunity or living inside the box and want to break free?  Do we actually feel energized or resonate with where we live? Or is it more a question of sticking with what’s familiar.

Whether you want to be a digital nomad, home town hero or want stability, living in a home you love is a vital piece in the personal fulfillment jigsaw.


Tesla and America

As Nikola Tesla said ‘Great moments are born from great opportunities.’ He moved to the USA in 1884 aligning his genius Cancerian nature, Venus and Saturn with the Cancerian Sun of USA.

He understood that moving to America would help his brand of genius get noticed and attract the investment to develop his inventions. Through a path of heretical and hermetical twists and turns his inventions were born. And today they form a huge part of our technical and electrical everyday.

With Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Cancer, Tesla would never give up on his life-long passion ‘to harness the forces of Nature to the service of mankind.’  But lost in his creative obsession he didn’t see how he was falling out of alignment with those around him. He also didn’t see how America’s Saturn in Libra, would conflict with his own Libran Moon and the desires of the Gilded Age financial elite. As a result, in the second part of his life legal battles would dim his creative genius during a bitter battle of creative and financial egos.

Tesla’s story illustrates just how the cultural landscape can affect an individual and how important it is to understand how your inner world relates to your conscious surroundings. Would Tesla have been able to bring his empowering inventions to the world if he’d moved to Canada? Sadly, we will never know.


America’s Big Picture thinking

One of the best ways to understand the impact of Planetary shifts on a country, is to imagine the country has unique qualities, and is learning and evolving just like we do.

Idealistic, rebellious and visionary America has been built on the belief there is always another way, another form of investment and creative partnership because the sky’s the limit. America has seen itself as Defender of the free world, a slice of home comfort apple pie and a place ‘by the people, for the people.’

For many, it’s opportunity on steroids. The free economy vibe and mass marketing possibilities. America’s visions can soon turn into an everyday brand or global franchise. Failure is just somewhere you might have to go every once in a while but there’s always something new and exciting to explore.

So, why is USA’s character built on big picture thinking and the sky’s the limit? Because it has an Aquarian Moon front and centre on the Mid Heaven/12 o’clock point at the top of its natal chart.

Creativity in the sign of Aquarius means America is always searching for innovation, invention and a way to redefine life, community and the way we live. It’s the moon of a dreamer, technocrat, spiritual leader and entertainer. America wants to do things differently, in ways that no one has every thought possible. It captures the ethereal messaging from the near Galaxy and beyond, bridging the gap between how we see ourselves today and what we really want to become.

With the planet of death, taxes, endings and rebirth, Pluto spending 2024 shifting permanently into Aquarius, will be a taste of what is to come. The beginning of the end of a cycle for what America has been and the beginning of a new coming of Age, in a new paradigm.


Top Ten Ways America will reinvent itself

1          It’s not what you think

If there were one phrase for Pluto’s influence on America it would be ‘conscious expansion.’ But not necessarily in the way that people think. Pluto is going to wake or shake everyone up to the difference between being in your heart and being in your head.

The time for talking a lot about doing fundamentally the same in different packaging will end. The days of a shrinkflation and commercial misdirection will dwindle as true innovation moves from make overs into fundamental rebirth.

Pluto will challenge everyone to get back in touch with what makes their heart sing, what they feel and what they believe will make an authentic difference to their fulfillment.

‘Your thoughts create your reality’ will move to a whole new level as people see the difference between aspiring to change, thinking about it and actually delivering authentic lasting transformations.

The gap between consciousness and intellectual thought will become more and more obvious. And Pluto will encourage everyone to differentiate between what they think logically, what they feel emotionally and what they believe spiritually.

Call it God, All that Is, the electric universe or the unknown, Pluto will increase everyone’s connection and it could be like the charge or the shock you’d get from an ideological wakeup call. Pluto will expand being connected in your unique way, will inspire both the joy and the responsibility of holding the keys to your own personal universe.

Those trying to live through their heads, in a perpetual blame game or entangled in victim consciousness, will get more and more drained going around and around in their minds trying to break free. How the world used to be defined and explained, will become blurred with many more options, different research angles and a deluge of new ways to find out more. From conditioned fact to outrageous conspiracy, Pluto will encourage everyone to do their own research and go down the rabbit holes that mean something to them.

Pluto in Aquarius is going to ask everyone to ask questions but not to wait for logic or convention to save the day. It’s time to plug into their hearts and greater consciousness and use their Humanity and individuality to create lasting transformation. Pluto will bring greater self-awareness, synchronicity and conscious responsibility.

With America’s South node in Aquarius near Pluto from (2024-2030) the journey from what is assumed or thought to be happening, to realising what is actually happening, will be a heart-quake for the whole of America. Simply because any new foundation needs to be created from the heart not the head.

For most, this period will be grounding what they already know, a bit of a let down or a conscious acceptance that most of what has been before needs to be replaced for a successful rebirth. Change dynamics will vary from region to region, unrelated to logic or how things were in the past. In simple terms transformation is profound. The more heart-centric and adaptable you are, the easier it will be to  process and live the shift.

Many of the big questions, How can I get more meaning in my life? Why’s the world gone mad?’ or is God an ET? will rise above daily drama as the demand to feel, experience authentic freedom of choice and fulfillment create a whole new ‘why not?’ Era.

Whatever your reply, make sure you ask yourself first. Everything in our lives is going to get much more ‘up close and personal’ so understanding how you feel and what you think, is essential for good mental health and lasting fulfillment. If the Media, external experts or accepted convention says the opposite of what you’re thinking, don’t discredit yourself, look deeper and longer to support that gut feeling or deep down truth.

Pluto is asking everyone to embrace their unique perspective and take responsibility for conscious choices and heartfelt expansions. Balancing heart and mind in the coming years will be vital when navigating through a world of anything and everything that just keeps on expanding. Heartfelt answers will act as anchors in grounding new experiences and accepting vastly different understands from what has been the norm of the past 3 decades.

Listening to you inner voice, intuition, guidance or gut will be just as important as how much, when and where. Doing your own research and asking people you trust, will be more important than traditional logic, published reviews or google.

From 2024-2028 Pluto will be a planetary disruptor aligning with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune as the energies of the old paradigm dissolve in real time. We will all see how we’ve  got caught up in realities that are more about using, confusing or following rather than consciously choosing.

Continual waves of alternatives, reflections, inexplicable dimensional overlaps and sudden shifts, will bring life changing choices to the surface. And for the first time since the 60’s there will be a growing willingness to take responsibility for the life we truly want, in a very practical and down to earth way.

The time for ‘talking solutions’ will be overtaken by taking responsibility for the foundation we actually want to see, no matter how illogical or bonkers that may seem at the beginning. For many parts of USA there will be a big realisation: To turn a corner into the USA that people truly want, it’s going to mean walking away from comfort zones and conditioned controls of the past. Uncomfortable at best. But there will be plenty of ways to grow, explore and rebuild progressively.


2          Information Age or Age of Conscious Understanding?

Yes, Pluto in Aquarius will bring the AI and ‘Data is the new Oil’ debate center stage. Pluto is highlighting authentic intelligent, innovative and revolutionary ways to enrich our culture and our world. But Pluto in Aquarius is all about freedom and purpose rather than profit and controlled realities. And the convenience of AI and the boundary of science, health and cultural wellbeing, will all have greater scrutiny and accountability.

More people will ask is this really necessary? And when does convenience become control or limit the options available? Pluto is always going to help us ask why, who stands to benefit from what’s happening and show us how our world is falling into those who want the right to choose and those who don’t.

With the internet enabling people to make their own news and shared experience, much of what was considered as ‘truth’ is now more and more relative. What is actually ‘right’ or the ‘Truth’ may become so confusing, we simply grow into trusting what we feel, believe and understand is for the best for self and our communities. Many companies and government systems could easily be caught off guard with waves of transformation arriving in double quick time. No time for them to respond or refute as collective truths that started forming decades ago, come together in real time over night.

Conflict between what is right and what is beneficial for the majority, will be replaced with ‘enough’s, enough’ attitudes as people power gets reclaimed to be used for the benefit of the majority.

Addiction or saturation of the social media merry-go-round, could begin to go into rapid decline because of its social impact and lack of accountability. Pluto often causes the rise and fall of industries in dramatic ways. From highly profitable  to high liability could be the technocrats story as their amassed wealth, at the cost of their users, brings a Tsunami of litigation. Who hasn’t been seduced by the reality scrolling near you. But its capacity to hold people’s attention will move in declining and decreasing circles starting 2024. Pluto’s courage to clarify will highlight  ‘it’s not what you know, it’s how you choose to use it.’

Younger generations will see through a lack of quality quicker and journey from one alternative to another at lightning speed. The strengths of social Media data mining business could easily flip to being their weakness as people way up technical convenience and entertainment with the quality of their experience or the absence of Humanity.

Mainstream media will suffer from its long standing ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ and right or wrong perception leaving no room for understanding. Pluto will bring back all the technicolour in the middle and encourage alternative views and solutions.

What once grabbed the attention of the majority will become just part of a new information landscape constantly fighting for relevance and attention. People will turn inwards, find joy generating alternatives and step away from media conflict, disaster and war fatigue.

With information being unable to satisfy curiosity, rebellion or the need for innovation, more and more people will wake up to ‘mind numbing homogenised entertainment ’ empty activity and swap them for a good book or an authentic adventure with Mother Earth.

Quantity entertainment will be replaced with quality life, Humanity and authenticity. We are already seeing this with Netflix dramatic membership drops and Actors Guild negotiating with studios to limit the use of AI in film production.

What’s really going on in our world will definitely have surreal flavours such as Blade Runner and 5th Element. But it will also have echoes of Star Wars, ‘we are not the droids you are looking for’ and I Robot.

With such a vast digital foot print and ‘voice print,’ large chunks of those who want connection rather than information overload, will go within to get away from the ‘shouty’ world of technology and  it’s lack of balance and peace. This in itself will help everyone concentrate their energy, their understanding and align with conscious choices and self-loving practice.

Pluto in Aquarius shadow state might push those in comfort-zones and denial to search for a tech get away or say everything that’s going on doesn’t apply to me. But like any Pluto phase what is happening connects everyone. And its all contributing to uncovering what was hidden. Pluto will make it very clear from 2025 onwards, that greater information won’t be any insulation or substitution for greater understanding and wisdom.

For America’s astrology Pluto’s impact is currently in 9th House. This reinforces the conscious foundation of reality rather than the linear, 3D or the logical. So, expect more of the weird, wonderful and the immaterial, magical and mystical. If you ever wanted to build your own mythology, the next two decades is definitely the time to start!

There will be an increase in online master classes, Ebooks, practical wisdoms and ways to increase creativity and innovation. All through real people, delivering real life journeys. Formulaic entertainment will become less and less relevant as people want solutions for real life dilemma and a sense of community that can only start from the quality of the relationship with real people.

If you think we are ready for an Age that trips up the most logical and linear of objectives then Pluto won’t disappoint. Pluto is focusing the power of conscious choice Now. Not later, maybe or sometime in a projected future. Now. Be it revolution, grass roots reform or the Mother of all ingenuity Pluto will deliver. And the greatest irony of 2025,26,27 is this might just be the  analogue simplicity and movies from 30years ago that end up replacing technological trends. The next Marvel franchise cancelled because it didn’t align with the expanding consciousness of its time.


3          Pluto Paradigm shift

The old paradigm is very much based on, wealth, what you know or who you know in power. And because America has a Gemini ascendant many of the pivotal moments of transition will be through ideology shifts, spiritual awakenings and how the people talk about and relate to these shifts.

Pluto in Aquarius makes a much needed connection with America’s Ascendant and Saturn in Libra, to fuel a shift in consciousness from money, power and information to energy flow(love/abundance/prosperity) empowerment(choosing and creating consciously) and wisdom (applying what you think you know to gain experience and transformational wisdom.)

With a Gemini Ascendant, America is seeking spiritual meaning and higher consciousness. But it is also driven by the desire for money and power. With Pluto now in Aquarius, one of its greatest qualities is super charged change by dismantling the old to build the new.

Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius is the tipping point for everyone to start asking am I a victim of life or an architect of my life?

Answering these questions will bring millions of likeminded and like-hearted people together  as America divides in order to reform. No area of the American Dream will be left untouched because Pluto is all about absolute transformational shifts.

Native American tribes like the Hopi have foreseen the breaking up of America. Many thought this would be through natural disaster like Cyclone Katrina. But Pluto’s ether presence, is more likely to go to the creative core of the people to trigger rebirth. To create a new American dream that isn’t happening when people are asleep! Pluto is about tangible give and take and practical transformation that is ignited by ideological vision.

Yes, Pluto won’t leave any stone left unturned because it’s a choice champion. Conscious or unconscious, good or bad the immediacy and impact of what we chose, will move to being random to being obviously empowering.

As the jigsaw of truth comes into clearer and clearer focus, it will be much easier to see the line between victimhood and responsibility. It will also be much harder to fuel victim or tyrannical consciousness as people reclaim their reality and turn their back on what isn’t working. This is a time of deconstruction of the State systems in order to reconstruct in alignment with the American people.

Pluto’s dynamic nature will bring many all stop moments, when government and people alike see who will blink first. Trust will become the new power, as people trust their inner authority first and the external authority feels the pressure of the global shift away from power over to empowerment.

‘Big is beautiful’ will dissolve into regional responsibility and localism. The constitution is likely to be challenged and rebirthed in the foundation it provides and the basic human rights it upholds. And most of all the people will reclaim their voice and how they spend their support, money and energy. The News of this transformation will become ‘normal’ as alternative media and independent journalism reverse cancel culture and a new truth leaks back into the mainstream. Never say never, will mean that everything is up for grabs and realignment as Pluto’s evolutionary energy floods thought and communication.

‘There’s got to be a better way’ and the willingness to find it will shake America’s Cancerian Sun from its conditioned comforts but through continual steps forward. Breaking up the union will be the most efficient way to concentrate the rebirth and also highlight what needs to fall into the past. For some this is unthinkable. But the healing that will happen because of envisaging a different world, could be enough to fire up the next stage of transition from the old to the new.

By 2027, America will be able to see the cost of putting off change, avoiding or fighting. And this could be the turning point when those who were trying to uphold what isn’t resonant join the New America dream peacefully. It might not be the most elegant or integriful transitions but the ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’  migration will make a substantial difference.

With Uranus in Gemini from 2026 into 2030’s temporary peace pacts, negotiations and interim constitutions are all possible. With Saturn moving into Aries in 2026 joining Neptune in Aries from March 26,  anger and courage will rise in equal measure.

How is this going to come about? Well, I believe key States will be Arizona, Texas, Ohio, California, Oregon, New York City and Florida taking turns challenging the flagging Union either through political affiliation, financial withdrawal or spiritual empowerment.

Any of these states could trigger a reformation or temporary deconstruction of the Union in order for the passing paradigm to reduce its grip and make way for the rebirth of service.


4          Stepping back to care…

Aquarius is often accused of being a bit head in the clouds, disconnected or lacking feeling. In extreme cases Aquarius can be cold and lacking compassion. But one of its strengths is stepping back and seeing the overview.

Pluto in Aquarius will have most people looking into their big picture vision or future proofing their life plan because so much that has appeared solid, reliable or dependable will change. Also how fulfilled and the degree of compassion, kindness and understanding in our daily lives will become more and more significant.

But before you think we’re in for a time with little compassion or even greater super rich and super poor, let’s look at what detachment really means. The word detachment is often referred to as walking away, being self-absorbed or uncaring. And Aquarius when it seeks refuge in its head, can close the heart and look only through the eyes of logic and control. When you’re on the end of this emotionally, then it can be cold, appear disinterested even ruthlessly self-interested.

But this is not the only meaning. Pluto in Aquarius is going to transform America’s emotional nature with the realisation that if you step back it doesn’t mean you don’t care, you’re shutting down, letting people down or going into denial. It can simply mean you are choosing a different view, so you can open up to new horizons and different forms of opportunity.

For some it’s the ideal and natural way to release themselves from all the ‘shouldery’ and truly ask themselves what is of service to create a fulfilling next step.

Pluto is going to show people how empowering it is to stop and let in change. Rebirth your American dream by realising you can live differently and stepping away from what isn’t working or fulfilling is the first step to transformation.

With Neptune moving into Aries in 2026, connecting with Saturn in Aries, there will be more will and courage to consolidate change. Also there will be more wisdom and experience to show people how they can change.

The Aquarian energy will bring waves of like-minded consciousness together and help people detach from conditioned fears and old paradigm limitation. The vast majority of the population will wake up to the realisation that it’s your energy that creates the difference you want to see. Gone is the time to fight or blame the passing paradigm.

Those who have been championing alternatives will meet those who want to invest and benefit from alternatives. Pluto will bring greater innovation cohesion. The old guard, old school security will dissolve, replaced by waves of group consciousness grounding a new dimension, fueled by recycling the old.

One of the most important detachments will be exchanging ‘the appearance of’ for the genuine article. Detachment will give the space to listen to intuition, inner guidance and the voice of empowerment instead of apathy or conditioned limitation. More people will take bigger leaps of faith because for them it’s now or never.

Detached attitudes will allow heartfelt choices to ground and flourish because drama, crisis and excess media will be unable to compete with personal priorities and heartfelt fulfillment.

Daily routines might not change drastically but why and how we experience our lives will.

People will reclaim their sensory abilities. How you feel, what you trust and believe in, will be center stage, rather than what looks good or pays lip service to the right causes. Pluto has fantastic fake radar or fadar! When there is something that doesn’t fit, it will stand out just as much as the person who represents what resonates for the common good of all.

Yes, Aquarian energy can be brutally honest even confronting. And America will feel like it’s on an emotional roller coaster for much of this time. But with detachment the difficult will become doable. If it’s disappointing or not ‘as advertised’ then it’s time to stop, detach and rebirth. And as this happens on a mass scale, America’s Aquarius Moon energy will start building innovation, inspiration and a new dimension of experience.


5          All or nothing?

The more detached America becomes from its old foundations, the easier it will be to dismantle the polarities and extreme reactions. There will be both a falling apart, a falling into balance (not necessarily intentional) and a coming together as people choose between polarity/power-over and choice/responsibility/community. America’s ethereal connections will mean deconstruction happens faster but also the capacity to reconstruct is taken up quicker.

With global crises mirroring the same issues day in and day out, Pluto in Aquarius will often  birth the actual opposite of what the passing paradigm wants as old energy attachments implode. Power grabs and attempts to control further will energize alternatives and galvanise the will for a new paradigm in all shapes and sizes. The most telling sign of the shift from centralised control to the people, will be a comprehensive lack of trust or confidence in the system.

With Trust at an all time low, fighting to discredit alternatives will not create more trust. It will empower the alternatives or highlight them for a closer look. Choosing what makes your heart sing over just ‘more information’ about what’s not working will be easy.  ‘Fracking for offense’ and conditioned crises will cease to register, as energy goes into navigating through the daily steps towards peace, purpose, prosperity and personal fulfillment.

Conflict fatigue and simply turning inward, away from external turmoil, will power down America’s attachment to struggle, judgement, conflict and being the Global Police. People will channel their energy into Cancerian ‘home is where the heart is’ issues and lose any taste for foreign conflicts.


6          Get grounded – creative experience ­– the new gold rush

It’s easy to feel scattered, non-committal or panicked with Pluto in Aquarius telling a comfort loving Cancerian nation that everything is going to change.

But one of the best ways to choose, align and process change is by avoiding swinging from one extreme to another trying to be ‘right’ but never actually deciding on committed action. In the next 18months with Pluto near to the Aquarius South Node of America, it’s easy to feel disappointed,  discouraged, even depressed about choices seeming to be no choice at all.

But Pluto is actually helping us all let go of what isn’t supportive, is draining or unself loving. If we swing from one extreme to the other then these attachments or burdens are going to feel heavier and more immovable.

So, the best way to benefit from 2024-25 is to bring your energy into Now. Concentrate on embracing innovation in your unique way. Work to align heartfelt changes with practical commitments and actions. Build a life that you are proud of by reinforcing self-loving changes.

The attitude of gratitude works in reality creation because it reinforces our unique vibration and collective connection. It helps us with our universal messaging and the exchange of what we are letting go of and what we are welcoming into our world. The more we can appreciate and choose our experiences consciously, the easier it is to handle Pluto helping us edit what’s leaving our life for good.

So, if you’ve got any dreams collecting dust on a shelf, 2024-25-26 is the time to choose from the heart about what stays, what gets rebuilt and what gets recycled.


7          Exchanging judgement for discernment

Judgement for most people is simply being right or doing the right thing. Pluto in Aquarius is going to turn on its head the facts we think are right and broaden knowledge into greater self-awareness and understanding. What is known will become a place to start rather than a trusted truth. We will see how much being right has just meant getting control or abusing power.

The Aquarian Age is going to ask you to navigate this vast period of change through neutrality, and heartfelt discernment, rather than intellectual fact or what happened last time. Neutrality is going to become foundational for two reasons.

Firstly, it will go from a position of wishie-washie weakness, to one of  conscious choice, soft power and strength. It will highlight systems that drain or waste energy and reinforce balance rather than a loss of quality of life.

Secondly, Pluto isn’t asking America to give up Law or the Constitution. It’s simply asking people to move back into their hearts and discern their way forward rather than follow a ‘right’ that has become wrong corrupted by money, power and globalism. People will stop assuming the ‘right’ things is being done and check.

Is that taking power into your own hands? Well it could mean that for some. But the majority will see this shift as moving back to a workable balance that delivers authentic change. Conscious choice and heart first, head and administration second. Both neutrality and discernment promote conscious choice and wise action. And fueling balance will help bring conscious supportive agendas together.

As it becomes much harder to find the whole truth, Pluto will show us that the Age of Aquarius is more about being in alignment with conscious and supportive transformation than being ‘right.’

The more neutral we are, the more energy we have to create transformation. The less extreme, reactive and polarised, the less our energy gets wasted in external drama.


8          Glitch in the Matrix? Accelerated expansion?

How many people believed before 2020 that Humanity would struggle with coming to terms with climate, spiritual and social change? Did you hear someone say ‘I won’t see that in my lifetime.’ I did.  But post 2020 after pandemics, lockdowns and major conflicts, we know whatever vast period of change was always coming – it’s arrived.

For America the vast period of change will be seen as everything speeding up – influence of Mercurial Gemini Ascendant. The speeding up could also appear like an old fashion VCR being put on fast forward and parts of life turned into caricature or even gobbledegook.

There will also be a divide or parting of the ways, two paths one of logic and one of intuitive transformation. One of expansion and one of restriction. Choosing from the heart is key. Logic, right and wrong will become increasingly blurred or even curved showing the opposite of what life used to be. All of this weird and bizarro is part of the transformation processing..

America’s Aquarius moon will want simple choices, simple answers and simple solutions. These will start appearing in 2025, 26 as Jupiter in Gemini and Jupiter in Cancer reignites and reunify the capacity to choose and follow through for everyone. There will be a greater shift to anti-extreme, anti-victim and anti-corruption. Jupiter will provide the fuel for those long awaited answers, clarifications or accountability.

The degree to which these solutions manifest will depend on how ready the people are to reclaim their American Dream. And how much people want a ready-made solution and who wants to create their own. If you’re committed to rising above, compassion and a conscious community, aligning with this will energize easier transformation in some respects at a miraculous pace.

During 2025,26,27 it will feel like America is going through teenage and growing up with tantrums, conscious awakenings and emotional volatility. Patience might be in short supply. But anything lagging behind will not have the people looking back into the past.

Saturn’s arrival in Aries in Feb 2026 will further strengthen the energy of reform but there will also be a rise in zealous or divisive situations. Fortunately, Jupiter in Virgo in 2027-28 will bring the voice of common sense calm as drama and crisis lose their appeal completely.

The most important part of expansion will be the completion of old cycles, collective Karma and the half completed renaissances that promised so much but were suddenly cut short. All the parts that were smothered previously will come flooding back. From 25-27 potential will expand into ‘a pick and mix’ sweet selection. We’ll all be able to dip into the energies of what we believe makes life great, what will make our life great again and the eternal values that always support fulfillment.

JF K and Martin Luther King won’t return. But the resonance and the frequency of what they represented will. There won’t be a looking back in a ‘revisionist’ sense or re-writing a convenient history. But a reaching into the near past to understand why it was less complicated, better quality and more fun.  America will start understanding how the accumulation of our conscious wisdom can stop the joy drain and systemic anxiety about transformation.

Political leaders who were willing to bring the truth to the surface have left an energetic footprint and its this path that others will take up again and call their own. Edward Snowdon and many who’ve been discredited could return as reliable and trustworthy innovators.


9          The rebirth of quantity into quality

With mass waves of Americans harnessing their ability to walk away from what isn’t heartfelt or quality, traditional pathways of homogenisation and exploitation are imploding. Companies that relied on telling their customers what they needed to buy will have to work increasingly harder to keep their market share. Consumer trends will become much less predictable from 2025 onwards. Independent attitudes will combine with a search for authentic value making it  difficult for companies to make clients buy cheap alternatives or to be convinced to buy what they don’t need.

America will see mass migration contributing to restructuring and rebuilding the quality of life. For some it will be a shift in migrant numbers and implementation of tougher border controls. But for most it will be moving within America. As America redefines itself, it will also redefine it’s sense of home and what makes a fulfilling life.

With Uranus moving towards America’s Gemini ascendant in 2026, those in search of a better standard of living and quality of life, will literally turn America upside down in pursuit of a better work-life balance. This will affect bigger cities like Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago and New York as people move to enjoy better work -life balance, family time and Earth connection. So, if you’ve got itchy feet it might be your time to migrate to the State that resonates.


10        Rebalancing for Reunion

Although many could say Pluto in Aquarius is a trouble maker, this period is actually for the transformation makers. Yes, it might look like the monopoly board of life is propelled mid air for everything to land as it may, but all the planets in the America chart are actually working together to craft a conscious evolution rather than a catastrophe.

The Grand Trine between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn will offer many olive branches, interim structures and innovation from 2026. America doesn’t want to heal the hard way. And as the corporate control of the senate breaks up authentic leadership will rebirth.

The biggest battle will be to focus the flighty energies of Gemini Ascendant and freedom loving Pluto, to concentrate and ground realised transformation. Gemini always wants to keep its options open but by 2026 it will be time to commit to the foundation that will begin the American Renaissance.

2026-32 will be the years of rebalancing the extreme dynamics of freedom – slavery and victimhood – tyranny.  Pluto in Aquarius has been present in many revolutions such as the French Revolution and the Irish Uprising. America is a child of revolution and this is why it’s so important that this energy is given the right to move freely while healing and rebuilding the heart centre of America.

Allowing those who want to rebel and secede the Union will vent the pressure of transitional highs and lows. Forcing, fighting and denying States to stay or go, will only lengthen the cost of Reunion. Valuing peace, neutrality and supporting peace will accelerate healing.

America’s traditional global role as Defender of the Free world will dissolve in the face of the more urgent domestic needs to sort out the State of the Union.

If you’re worried there aren’t enough leaders to handle America’s coming of Age from 2025 -2029 there will be. With urgent momentum many of the layers of people who’ve been stopping innovation will either choose to or have to move aside. Those who are both capable and neutral enough to lead with integrity will then step forward. Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius will reach out to diverse backgrounds and unorthodox leaders with lesser political experience but massive popular support and practical wisdom.

If you can’t think of who that could be. Don’t worry, Pluto will magic up the independents and  those who can nurture America even if it’s nobody you’ve heard of yet. In these years the last thing America needs is career politicians.

America’s founding fathers constitution was created for just such a shift. But the significance of this legacy of integrity, purpose and higher consciousness  will only become valued as people take responsibility for the rights they assume are protected.  Have these rights been under used, ignored or taken for granted – probably.

The naivety of America’s Cancerian perspective and Gemini Ascendant idealism has let leaders get on with the business of leading. But from 2024 onwards the business of leading will be shown for what it is. And the consciousness, choices and trust that upheld systemic corruption will begin to implode as Americans withdraw their trust in what is proven to be corrupt.

When Jupiter goes into Cancer in 2025, there will be a resurgence of respect and renewed understanding for the wisdoms enshrined in the constitution. And as the foundations of communication, news and the truth rebuild, there will be practical ways and a maturing alternative press, breaking up the strangle hold of a global media monopoly. Nothing will be 100% known or an open or shut case. But the pressure to act consciously will override the ability to cover up the choices that are available.

And as Jupiter visits in 2024-25 and Uranus follows in  July, 2025 both the momentum and the energy will combine to initiate irreversible transformation when governance begins to be reclaimed ‘of the people, for the people, by the people.’

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