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If you’ve been feeling a little saturated with life, anxious about your future, fed up with shouty social media or Tik Tok Truth, it’s time to expand your perspective and join forces with two of the most empowering planetary influencers – Neptune and Saturn.

[/nectar_highlighted_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” column_margin=”default” column_direction=”default” column_direction_tablet=”default” column_direction_phone=”default” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” row_border_radius=”none” row_border_radius_applies=”bg” overflow=”visible” overlay_strength=”0.3″ gradient_direction=”left_to_right” shape_divider_position=”bottom” bg_image_animation=”none”][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_tablet=”inherit” column_padding_phone=”inherit” column_padding_position=”all” column_element_spacing=”default” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ column_shadow=”none” column_border_radius=”none” column_link_target=”_self” column_position=”default” advanced_gradient_angle=”0″ gradient_direction=”left_to_right” overlay_strength=”0.3″ width=”1/1″ tablet_width_inherit=”default” tablet_text_alignment=”default” phone_text_alignment=”default” animation_type=”default” bg_image_animation=”none” border_type=”simple” column_border_width=”none” column_border_style=”solid” gradient_type=”default”][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]Contrary to what our mainstream media might show us, this is a great time to be on Earth because we are living through one of the most incredible shifts of consciousness, culture and civilisation in the whole of Human history.

Neptune and Saturn join forces in Pisces until 2026, to fuel and guide the global consciousness shift on an individual and personal level. Here are the signs to look out for, benefits to harness and why shifting your perception of these End Times could change your life forever.

The Anatomy of Pisces..

As the famous Pisces scientist Einstein said, ‘energy is neither created nor destroyed it just changes form.’

Einstein recognised that whether we find it hard to understand, refuse to believe it or ignore it in the hope it will go away, the universe is one big interconnected matrix of which we are all a part. The sign of Pisces represents this vast unending flow of energy. Some call it the Electric Universe, others All-that-is or simply loving consciousness.

However we label this force or energy it is all around us. From birth to death we resist it, co-create with it and seek meaning in the magical journey it fuels from fate to destiny.

Unlimited consciousness forms the world we experience, it’s in our dreams and our waking hours. It flows around us, through us and it is us. A control freak’s nightmare, always transforming and never truly static. This is why Pisces is known for going with the flow and never one to get pinned down for too long. It’s the sign that represents the fuel to co-operate, communicate and collaborate with the ever changing universe.

This is why many place the sign of Pisces in the nebulous, imaginary, spiritual and wishy-washy category. You can experience it but it defies measurement. You can feel it but you can’t see it. It’s a friendly no judgemental sign. Always wants to see the bigger picture or locate where both sides of an argument meet. It seeks meaning, inclusiveness, purpose and how the scientific meets the spiritual. Although we might like to polarise or react, Pisces wants us all to get along in empowering diversity and find our perfect place, in this endless sea of potentiality.


Neptune in Pisces – the Endless flow..

When Neptune arrives in Pisces, it literally docks in its home port for Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. This puts conscious connection, spirituality, feeling, ESP and emotional wellbeing top of the agenda.

But just like when you get in a bath full to the top, there’s a displacement factor. The spill over of Neptune in Pisces puts pressure on logic, limited views, polarised extremes and conditioned beliefs. If we want more ‘go with the flow,’ something’s got to give making way for expanding perspectives, truths and perceptions.

So, here are some examples of what happened when Neptune spilled over into our recent history.

Neptune combined with Pluto the planet of rebirth from 1460-1540, creating the Age of Enlightenment.

In 1848, when Neptune was in Pisces, the King of France abdicated and there were constitutional revolts, amendments and government concessions all over Europe.

In 1521, Neptune in Pisces got together with Martin Luther who stepped beyond religious tradition, got excommunicated and became a Catholic Church whistleblower. His new German Bible gave people a direct line to God in their own language. No more need for the politics of the pulpit or the Church to be the spiritual middleman.

Neptune displaced spiritual confusion and corruption bringing one of the biggest political, emotional and spiritual reformations of the last thousand years.

So, you get the picture. Neptune in Pisces is always going to be at the forefront of any spiritual and emotional shift. No matter how ‘in the back ground’ or part of the sound track of your life, it’s always going to come together to inspire alternative thinking, radical transformations and reset your emotional pressure gauge.


Neptune’s Reality Reset..

Neptune re-entered Pisces in 2011. It brought Mayan end of world scenarios, leaps of faith, trusting your intuition and understanding how you feel. This expansive upgrade awakened the need to accommodate a greater flow of transformation and that meant a shift to heart first and logic second. Neptune logic is heart first not because Neptune likes a drama but because the heart is an energy centre built to connect with the unlimited flow of All-that-is. The questions about why, how and what’s the point might start in our heads but the answers flow through our heart and its greater connection to our unified consciousness.

The head was built for linear logic and physical world application. Helping us process our Human experience on a practical level.  As our world transforms we are going to need both heart–mind to make the shift. But opinions, facts and the true nature of our reality needs the heart most of all, to process the shift from limited perception to conscious awakening.

Neptune always challenges what we think is safe, known or credible because we can’t truly change without moving beyond the existing perspective. Comfort zones aren’t built for innovation just as leaps of faith aren’t going to keep you secure. More importantly, Neptune highlighted how our world has neglected the connection to the unknown, what we dream and the vision we hold for ourselves and our evolution. So it’s time to combine all our consciousness and work from the heart to be part of the consciousness shift.

The bigger questions won’t be ‘when is this situation going to calm down’ or how can we get everything back to normal. The questions we need to ask ourselves is how much have you been living in your head, trying to avoid what you feel? How much are you disconnected from the world around you, your friends or your family. Do you resist feeling your life because you haven’t got time? Is what you think and feel about your life fulfilling or balanced?

For many this is a huge wakeup call which intensified during lockdown and the global shut down of the Covid Pandemic. But it also sparked an other worldly feel. Prompted people to reconnect in a different way, get creative about perceived limitations and made millions appreciate their creativity and their Humanity.


It’s not what you think…

Balancing what we feel and what we think we know, has often been more a question of keeping our world under control rather than imagining what we want to experience and leaping into testing it out. But with Neptune in Pisces all of this is changing.

This relentless healing flow is like a huge downpour of rain unblocking all the storm water drains in our world and showing us the difference between fear and flow. We’re feeling the blocks that stop us moving forward. The drama and the crisis pendulum swings. The fear of the unknown and endless demands of intellectual proof.

Fortunately, its also showed us how magical, unorthodox and inventive life can be. How we are stronger united within ourselves and with resonant company. And like Einstein described we’ve shown ourselves how to take energy in one form and transform it into tangible alternatives and solutions in a different form.

Thus, Neptune in Pisces started the beginning of a new world, rebalancing being shut down, cut off or isolated from our natural consciousness and connection. It’s asking us to let go of anxiety about the unknown. Being locked down gave people other universes to visit within their own creative journey. It helped people realise change is going to happen anyway, so why not create a self-loving transformation rather than getting dragged along by external controls, dramathons and victimhood.

Neptune is teaching us that feeling better is fuelled by embracing change not fighting it. It’s saying listen to what you resonate with and nurture that creative connection. Let go of manufactured realities or compromises that goes against what you really want or feel.

Although Neptune in Pisces can be a lot more than a tempest in a tea cup, shifts are just as likely to build into turning points as emotional Tsunamis. It’s all about conscious choice and perspective. Yes, you can expect a miracle in all shapes and sizes. But you’ll be disappointed if you’re not plugged in heart-first.

Einstein said ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’ because he knew that the immaterial – what we believe, dream and feel, was a quintessential part of creating our lives. Our own E= mc squared, the infinite flow of expansion waiting for us to connect, align and co-create.


Neptune the astrological influencer..

If you invited Neptune to your dinner party, there’s a high likelihood you’d talk about why you need your capacity to feel just as much as your capacity to think. And of course, why you’ve bumped into each other in the random magical experience called Life.

The King of the Waves would highlight that mindfulness is about our connection to consciousness, balance and awareness of Now. It isn’t about being in our heads, trying to work out how not to make a mistake. Nor is it how to make our world so safe there is zero risk, unhealthy control and no chance of growth. Neptune wouldn’t be politically correct or worry about cancel culture. This would be a meeting of heart and mind, emotional, spiritual and intellectual.

Neptune rides the waves of change because of conscious choice, harnessing the capacity to be responsible and asking himself first. He would encourage you to nurture your dreams and who you want to become because it’s the foundation of a fulfilling life. Neptune’s continual flow spoken or silent, would stimulate feeling more, relaxing into your uniqueness and understanding yourself and what you want more deeply than ever before.

The God of emotional wisdom would explain the difference between being lazy and investing in your inner alignment. How doing for the sake of it, might be comforting but in truth it’s a waste of time. And why nurturing heart-mind connection and recharging your emotional batteries, is just as important as your mental capacitance.

And as for your up-coming holiday, Neptune would suggest – really surrender and enjoy your holiday. Don’t tick off a list of every ‘must see’ or unforgettable experience you copied from the internet. Explore. Let your holiday be an unfolding adventure. Have a holiday you love and do it as if no one is watching!

A truly unforgettable encounter. Not for attention seeking opinions or dramas. But for a loving balance, courage to explore life and a true sense of meaning and purpose. Neptune shows us how gentle strength, soft power and authentic commitment, can create lasting transformation. And the reassurance that there is always a way and an answer that draws what is disconnected, lost or broken back into unity.


Turning the Great confusion into the Grand Clarification..

There’s no denying that since Neptune’s arrival in Pisces, Neptunian downpours have intensified and might need some diluting to taste or digest. As many have said to me in my work, ‘it’s a lot to take in.’ ‘I feel like I’m learning everything all over again, all over again, too often. It can be overwhelming.’

In addition, I hear you asking if Neptune is helping us clear out the emotional attic of the soul, rise above and align with unlimited potential, why are so many people struggling with mental health, depression and apathy? Why has reform become distorted, polarised or simply bonkers?

Short answer is  – authentic transformation is a journey that can’t be completed without feeling and experiencing. Many people confuse being detached about their feelings with being in their head resisting feeling. Therefore this is an experiential time to be on the planet and it’s a heart first, mind second journey.

If Neptune is the flow to dissolve attachments and comfort-zones, Saturn in Pisces is the Master Teacher guiding us into a new reality of our choosing. Call it a kind of ‘Moses Manoeuvre,’ as Saturn parts the sea of potentiality to help us move forward. It’s all about ‘feel it, ground it and experience it.’ Conscious choice, reclaiming what we want and letting go of what we don’t want, is all part of parting the flow of confusion to plot a course to clarification.


Believing is Seeing..

Saturnian wisdom parts the sheer flow and force of energy and gets us to feel our way. Conscious choice customises the trip but we need to choose what is in alignment with our own hearts first and what we really want. Feeling our way is all about taking responsibility for what we want, trust and believe in. Instead of ‘seeing is believing,’ it’s time for ‘believing is seeing.’

Instead of trusting a second hand fact, it’s time to go down our own research rabbit holes and chose a way of understanding what’s resonant. Saturn isn’t here to keep anyone in marshmallow land where everything is fluffy and acceptable however ridiculous. Saturn in Pisces is here to support us in realising how much we’ve been living in our heads, listening to external authority or assuming life were a certain way rather than going and finding out if it is the way we’ve chosen.

This is why, the world view is going through waves of confusion, fake news, misinformation and conspiracy. We are all at sea, on deck, a little seasick with so many options. But we know it’s time to keep looking at the horizon and choosing a course. It’s time to clarify what we actually believe in and want to focus our energy on. If we don’t feel, we can’t heal. The experience doesn’t have to be unpleasant but the depth of change can bring periods of overwhelm even to the most experienced of explorers.

The greater the heart – mind balance, the easier it will be to adapt to the rapid expansion of opportunity and conscious awareness as a whole. The consciousness shift is on the move because a significant part of our world simply can’t be learned from anymore, nor is it supportive for our long term evolution. From political systems to the credit crunch, creative freedom and spiritual fulfillment, everything is shifting.


High Tide, All stop and getting out of Overwhelm..

Saturn in Pisces is one of the most compassionate placements for Saturn. But even those prepared to go out in all weathers, will see that more energy flow isn’t necessarily going to help during the Grand Clarification. This is a step by step, case by case alignment that’s unique to each and every one of us.

Yes, we’re conditioned to try harder, do more and basically use our masculine energy to control our lives more. But as anyone will know, if you try to control water it will simply leak through your fingers. This is a time in Human development when we get a better trip by doing less and being more aware, in alignment with ourselves and the flow of our world.

Those who fight the process will find themselves face to face with what they won’t learn or fear the most. Just like in the Magicians apprentice, shortcuts that turn out to be deceptions or delusions will soon multiply and get anyone out of their depth.  Those who try and keep an old foundation past its sell-by-date, could easily find it washing away before their very eyes.

If you want to avoid overwhelm or floundering, then recognise when you need to swim and when you’ve taken responsibility for what you feel and need to float or drift with the current of potential. Both Neptune and Saturn, are teaching us to feel our way and create a balance between action and allowing everything to fall into place.

One of the most effective ways to navigate through this period is to take time off. Let the flow find its level in daily life. For many this will be uncomfortable because of fearing being lazy, unfocused, unproductive or taking a break being an impossible luxury. But investing in digesting transformation can be as simple as being with Nature, contemplation, self-loving practice and letting life fall together. Choosing to let go of the passing illusion and focus on Now will accelerate connecting with the emerging paradigm.

See stepping back into yourself as tuning into your unique consciousness and aligning with what will fuel a prosperous and frictionless transition. See tuning out of digital distraction or ‘groomed to consume’ giving you more space to choose and focus on what brings you joy and authentic fulfillment.

Creating daily fulfillment is all about using your energy wisely and taking time to listen to your intuition and Saturn’s guidance. If you want to feel like you’re getting somewhere with so much uncertainty, see detachment and discernment as creating a mast for direction and support.

Flow through confusion, nonsensical extremes with Saturn in Pisces because you choose ‘through’ rather than logic or conflict. Believe you can adapt but to a greater sense of balance, quality and alternatives. Choose to consolidate peace, feeling energized and balanced and optimistic rather than focusing on everything that appears to be wrong in the world. Energize your conscious outcomes not for selfish or selfless reasons but from a balanced flow that is the true foundation of the unending. Then you can arrive in a more peaceful space, in better alignment with yourself able to create a more fulfilling reality.


Balance – The New Super Power..

This is the age of greater openness, inclusiveness and less judgement. But as Saturn shows, understanding a new balance point is as much about withdrawing our energy from what we don’t want as putting our belief, trust and creative empowerment into what we do want. Just because we are expanding our view, doesn’t mean that extremes are desirable or fulfilling.

Just because we’re open to Myths, Aliens and miracles doesn’t mean we’re gullible. But to align with our truth, we might have travelled through a few false dawns, disappointments or attempts to ground what we feel until life comes together.

Therefore, Saturn in Pisces brings experience and wisdom together. A balance point we understand because we’ve built it ourselves from the inside out. Then Saturn asks us to hold onto the balance ‘mast’ to support our direction and keep the horizon as well as focus in sight at all times.

We can be inclusive and compassionate but this doesn’t mean we are going to feel sorry for everyone and fuel victimhood over responsibility. We can be compassionate and non-judgemental but that doesn’t mean we are able to support every cause or save others from what they refuse to learn. One of the greatest learnings of the Grand Clarification is that Humanity as a whole, has been doing life and reality the hard, struggle and scarce way. But this can transform.  As we restore balance, meaning, purpose, authentic fulfillment will all start to return.


Evolving with a new balance point..

If we want to get through the dissolving of one paradigm while building a new one, it’s time to zero in on your own balance and what being aligned with your own personal e=MC squared really looks like.

Committing to your chosen dream + what you believe + heartfelt connection + practical logistics from your head. The why, the flow and the how. The immaterial and material co-creating consciously.

Neptune seems nebulous, unsupportive or time wasting when we aren’t fully connected to all parts of our consciousness. Stress and demanding daily lives can easily shock people into living in their heads, panic control, risk averse perceptions that reduce energy flow, trust and the capacity for change.

Keeping your heart and mind aligned and plugged into all aspects of your consciousness, will always help fuel what you truly want. Neptune and Saturn teach us how to hold it together but not force things together.

Saturn is showing us that emotional upheavals, illusionary and delusionary struggles, come not from our heart but from our head. Logic likes control. Saturn and Neptune are helping us understand control is an illusion. The way to command our lives is through conscious choice and the willingness to learn.

When we get caught trying to create in our heads, searching for a 100% safe expansion that upsets no one, it’s maddening because it simply doesn’t exist. Neptune shows us that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. But the omelette gets more and more delicious as we gain confidence in your creative process.


The ghost of realities past..

Pisces can often be accused of being all smoke and mirrors because it’s a sign that unites our life experience and echoes past unresolved emotions. There’s always going to be a grey area where fiction meets fact, assumption meets reality and greater understanding changes your personal perspective.

When chasing the ghost of what we’d like life to be becomes exhausting, Saturn is there to help us balance imbalance and reconnect from extremes. Not to jump into mistake postmortems or criticize. But to build up momentum to process what we don’t want or even the opposite of what we want, in order to restore connection with all parts of our consciousness.

Saturn in Pisces shows us just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. Everything we magnetise in our world is a choice we can learn from even if that choice is to walk away. Yes, we’ve bound ourselves up in a big ball of energetic twine. But it doesn’t mean we can’t unravel this energy thread and create something much less conflicted and polarised.

Neptune and Saturn might dish up deception for dinner but the whole point is to choose consciously. See past  ‘the appearance of,’ fakedom and falsehood into the true nature of reality and the full spectrum of choice. Just because life can deliver ‘too good to be true’ doesn’t mean we have to sign for it.

Neptune amplifies chunks of resistance and fear just as much as harmony and adaptability. What we are able to process, recycle and move through, will come to the surface of our life just as much as the fuel that brings the best day yet. The more aware and consciously we choose, the more we can collaborate with increased meaning and emotional fulfillment.

So, the next time you want a mental health day, don’t forget to rebalance your personal E=mc squared and include all the areas of your consciousness not just what you think, being in control or being right. Understand your mental health is just as reliant on your emotional balance and inner harmony as it is on daily routine and practical logistics.


Faith, Religion and Science walk into a bar..

Some joke right? Last laugh is on Faith and Religion because Science can be proved. Well Saturn in Pisces sees it differently because all our experiences are a function of what we believe.

The more we look into science and everyday life, it becomes clearer that research often knows what it needs to prove before it starts to experiment. Therefore, Science and Religion alike are now facing the ‘expanding-fact’ that they are more likely to prove what they want others to believe rather than step beyond what has been and explore what resonates for the good of all.

As Martin Luther showed in the 16th century what we believe, perceive and understand is always expanding. And when this expansion accelerates so does the need for a more exapnded, aligned definition and understanding. And if everything is connected, why wouldn’t the immaterial and material parts of our world move closer during this time too. Why wouldn’t Science, Religion and Faith rise above and meet together both in search of meaning and for a practical purpose. They are after all, all part of the same Matrix and flow of energy.

So, the importance of having faith will be highlighted until 2030. But this isn’t about faith as a commodity or a way to gain power over people or get in God’s good books. Saturn in Pisces is asking us to rebuild our inner connection, our faith in ourselves and our capacity to clarify the foundations of our world and loving consciousness. When everything gets confused, ridiculous and polarised we need to stop and ask what we believe will create and ground the New paradigm. What do we need to trade in to get the energy to build better.

Saturn is saying take responsibility for a loving consciousness perspective that can build that shift. Redefining faith and belief from the inside out doesn’t mean you can’t share this in community or within religion. Just make the faith and belief of Now rather than trying to hold onto definitions that are no longer resonant.

And just as Luther clarified in 1523, you don’t have to have a religion to have a sacred connection. You don’t have to give your power away to be faithful to what you believe.

Saturn is clarifying what is relevant, meaningful and loving for the good of ourselves and our planet. And we are seeing more quickly than ever before, how important a balanced, self aware and conscious foundation is  as we move through the greatest consciousness shift of our time.

As for Science, it might be needing a pint to help with the courage of authentic exploration. Because if you are going to ask what does this mean,? and ‘how can we solve this,?’ you’re going to need faith to step outside the cube of convention into a world of infinite possibility.

For those of you in a pickle with quantum entanglement perhaps it’s all about asking a different questions. Not why do particle pairs know to spin a certain way, but what is it that connects particles together so they get their messages? And perhaps what bridges the gap between Science and Spirituality, is the consciousness holding the seen and unseen of this weird and wonderful world together.


The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the truth..

One of the most important healings of the Grand Confusion is what is happening with the concept and foundation of Truth. It used to be so reliable and easy to know what was right and what was wrong ­– right? So, why does what used to be right now appear to be diluted, distorted or completely the opposite. Why do systems that are meant to support, seem to be doing the opposite of what people want and how is this going to change?

Neptune’s higher consciousness flows have broken the flood banks of accepted limitations since 2011. ‘The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,’ has been escaping for decades but now it’s more obvious than ever before. When the murky reality of so much of what we don’t want in our society surfaces, the stench of unprocessed issues ripens very quickly.

But if we are going to embrace a more authentic truth from within we are going to see a more comprehensive truth reflected in the outside world.

So, the foundation of Truth is going through a massive expansion with the good, the bad and the ugly getting aired on the ever expanding social networks and Utube channels. How News used to be is ‘old news’ simply because the polished narratives are embracing the resurrection of independent journalism and the people’s news.

Saturn in Pisces is here to help with this expanded truth with more conscious choices and resonant feelings. Trust your gut, see how you feel and finding out who stands to gain from certain changes, will plot the course of truth for us all in the next decade.

Truth is getting clarified and recycled all at the same time. Objective, transparent, clarifying,   parts of Truth will multiply exponentially rising like waves within the global awareness. What isn’t authentic or has little or no truth, will pass or fade more and more quickly. If the foundation of truth is based on the passing paradigm no amount of rebrands, truth pledges or justifications will repair the truth drain. What isn’t aligned will become obvious and most often untenable.

Saturn in Pisces is contributing to most of the overwhelm we feel because it’s shifting, dragging or lifting the foundation of our reality. In addition Saturn is making space to create a more comprehensive understanding of the Truth of what makes up our world however shocking, reinforcing or enlightening.

Many systems may be dragging their feet on purpose but Neptune’s constant flows will see ministers, governments and corporations dissolve by their own inability or unwillingness to go with the flow of transformation.

Since 2012 we’ve seen anything goes moving into cancel culture, extreme reactive opposition, trolling and algorithm censorship. On the face of it what promised far reaching reform seems to have gotten bogged in conflict, madness and endless judgement.

But this has drawn out many strands of global conflict and polarity for all to see. Moreover, it’s galvanized and grounded the will to get to the bottom of a reality that isn’t working and find out the truth of why things aren’t changing fast enough.

Now Saturn in Pisces has returned at a crossroads in Humanity’s development. It’s time to see past illusion and deception to recognise ‘peak intellect’ and control of knowledge are no substitute for authentic intelligence and wisdom.

Neptune and Saturn in Pisces were designed for just such a time diluting and loosening the bonds of passing extremes, ‘the appearance of’ and power for the sake of power. 2012 was the beginning of asking where does our world go from here. What kind of revolution or evolution do we need to embrace to find meaning, purpose and balance within our communities and with our Planet?

We know the end of the world didn’t happen because we’re still here. But the beginning of the clarification of a New World and the answer to why aren’t we harnessing our true potential has begun.


The Woke Wakeup call – Consciousness shift in action..

There are few who wouldn’t say our world needed to wake up from a shocking lack of Humanity, balance, authentic quality, fulfillment and conscious awareness. However, this doesn’t mean we have to accept the growing pains of our society while it lurches from one extreme to another.

When Saturn and Neptune combine in Pisces the boundaries of life, the sensible, realistic and known quantities are the first to dissolve. But what is unravelling now can’t stay with no energy, support or belief. This is why the last two years might look confused at best and a complete lack of common sense at worst but it’s all part of this ground roots edit of what stays and what goes.

Neptune’s time in Pisces has shattered many ceilings of perception triggering cycles of clarification, protest, extremism and realisation. Caught up on a huge pendulum our world has be swinging from victimhood to tyranny and back again. Trying to slow down but finding it hard to get out of the grip of conditioned, polarised extremes.

Now Saturn has arrived the appetite for extremes is thankfully in decline. This planet supports conscious choice and metered solutions. Saturn pulls no punches and rescues no one. This is a time when we need to hold our centre and allow the layers of decline to fall away just as much as recycle and rebuild.

Yes, what has been happening in the past can be seen as just as fantastical as the proposed solutions. But Saturn is here to help Humanity grow out of naivety, adolescence and tweendom into a new balance point however difficult that is to swallow.

The capacity to repeat or shove under the carpet what hasn’t been working is draining away. This will make space for the will, inner truth and new paradigm leadership to start delivering what is for the common good at an accelerated pace.


The wave of reunification..

The combined power of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces means many different waves willing to challenge inertia, ineffectuality, waste and corruption will join together in the next 14 months. These long campaigns going back nearly a decade, will create a wall to wall demand and appetite for authentic steps that invest in common and cosmic sense. By 2026, the world will be moving towards balance and away from extreme dogma and regulation designed to crush the capacity to trust and faith in change.

Much that has been discredited as lies, myths or nonsense will return for closer inspection. Opinions that trampled intelligent and legitimate concerns, will be replaced with deep dives into just how the truth has been withheld, distorted or re-written.

The previous cycles of waking up, innovation and exploration will merge into alignment creating a comprehensive new big picture and a new foundation of what is truly happening in our world. Truth will expand but not to be diluted with disinformation or unconscious content. More to incorporate what was on the borders of acceptability, secrecy and realisation.

Most of all our relationship with our own personal truth is shifting daily. And as extremes dissolve into negotiated peace, it’s time to find all the empowering technicolour that’s been awaiting discovery in between the black and white extremes of the passing paradigm.

The chorus of ‘it doesn’t have to be like this, there are alternatives’ will become louder and louder. With 64 major government elections this year, Saturn in Pisces is going to show all politicians the difference between power over and empowerment. Traditional political foundations could easily be swept away not by pendulum politics but by alternatives attracting the disaffected and dissatisfied majority.

We are already seeing political coalitions, decay in first past the post elections, dementia democracy and the need for major leadership reform at all levels of government and corporations.

When clients ask me what should I do? I don’t know what to believe.’ I always say take time away from the external narrative, the drama of news networks, hyper politically correct extremes and the sense of humour drought.

Imagine you are out on the sea. It’s a beautiful day and you’re ready to ride the next wave with your surfboard. Before you leap, feel your balance. Feel the peace that there always more waves arriving in the flow that surrounds you. Let go all worries and internal voices fighting to be right and robbing you of your peace. Let your heart and mind align. Then catch your wave.

In daily life be willing to stop until you can hear what you truly feel and want. Give yourself the space to align with what matters most to you. If it’s voting, ask yourself who do you trust to represent your wishes and work for your local good. If it’s a relationship, job or move balance the benefits to you with those of the planet and those who depend on you.

Be willing to let go of what isn’t working as you keep adapting and managing your alignment with life. Harness the power of your conscious choices. Neptune and Saturn in Pisces is always about what you feel and believe. But it’s not all ideology. It’s how the ideology aligns with the practical. Gone are the days of taking the existing equation of life and making the logic or conditioning work no matter the pain or struggle.

Remember your imagination, thoughts and choices build your reality and energize hope for a better future. If you are going to develop your natural and infinite connection, you need to spend time being with yourself so you can take command of who you truly are and what you truly want. Saturn in Pisces is the first to say no one can tell you who to become. You can be advised by a thousand opinions. However, when it comes down to it, it’s all got to fit with what you choose and believe for yourself.

The gentle strength of Neptune in Pisces is not about drama and constant adrenaline rushes as what appears to be true is proven false. Neptune is  flow and co-creating with that flow wisely. And this is the perfect time to align with Neptune to start the change you want to see in the outside world by reconnecting inside yourself.

You might say ‘well, you can’t know everything and you can’t know the whole truth.’ But what Neptune in Pisces is asking us all to do, is know your own truth from the inside out. Not opinion, judgement or following the herd. The truth you feel deep down. Say bye-bye to what you know you can’t learn from anymore and spend your valuable energy on what you know will make a lasting difference.


Old Scandal recycled to build New Paradigm integrity..

Just like dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea, Neptune in Pisces is dunking the old crusty paradigm and seeing what dissolves away, what flows into the new paradigm creation and the quintessential elements that remain to fuel the new foundation.

Yes, it can look like some uncomfortable spiritual exfoliating. Layers of scandal, abuse of power and systems dominated by greed and corruption. But if you’re honest deep down, is this really such a surprise? What’s important is that what can be seen is rising to the surface not to depress us but to get processed. However ugly this clarification, choice is paramount in creating a new paradigm. This is the time to recycle what you don’t want, don’t resonate with and replace it with what has purpose and meaning.

Prince Harry and Megan have felt the woke Wakeup call to empower choice and build a new paradigm. But they’ve also learned how Saturn in Pisces highlights core values, integrity and accountability. If you’re going to walk out of one paradigm to build a new one then, you need to be in alignment and prepared to back up aspiration with actualisation.

Prince Andrew, the Pisces Prince, will continue to feel the pressure of Saturn until 2026 as the truth of the Epstein Era comes to the surface while plumbing the depths of deception, delusion and denial. In this period Media Optics will shine when combined with authenticity and common good. But they will implode or backfire when the focus for yet more hype and controversy sees imploding interest and drama overload.

So, what will replace the scandal? Well it’s more a case of imbalance and misalignment constantly coming to the surface until this energy is ready to fuel a new paradigm. Saturn in Pisces is about building the happy endings and harmonious collaborations that gladden the collective heart. And from July 24th onwards ‘good news,’ peaceful solutions and an absence of extremes will magnetise popular support.

And out of this emotional alchemy comes a greater appreciation of self-loving boundaries, simplicity and integrity. Delivering on promises and supporting what you believe in, puts victimhood in the shade and the willingness to empower centre stage.


Growing with the flow..

The landscape of emotional and physical upheavals will support our collective consciousness when plugging into a new way of doing life, being and becoming who we really want to be. Much of the quality we’ve wanted has appeared to be leaking away, simply because the space has been filled up with empty and passive activity. Being entertained, entrained and distracted by energy grabbing irrelevance. Now is the time for focused efforts, being ourselves and simple pleasures.

What Neptune and Saturn want us to realise is that if we’re going to transform foundationally while keeping an interim life going, we need to let go of many of the ways we’ve judged, measured and related to our world in the past. This starts with loosening our grip on being a Human doing, to give ourselves the time to become aligned with listening to our own transformation dialogue.

The ocean of infinite potentiality is here to get us where we want to go without over heating or getting overstimulated. The more we push the Ocean, the more it will push back. This is why Saturn is teaching us how to accept a new alignment even if it feels like we temporarily lose sight of our focus, what we believe and how we think everything fits together.

Qualities that can help you step back from over doing life are surrender, simplification and appreciation. Perhaps not necessarily at the top of a proactive list. But they are vital in the soft power, growing with the flow logistics.


Letting in Life..

The state of surrender and how we relate to it, is a great example of the old paradigm – new paradigm shift. Surrender used to be seen as giving up, being unwilling to fight for what you believe in or unwilling to give your all. But now there are plenty of examples of surrender being the space and routine disruptor that’s needed to reset success, personal fulfilment and mental wellbeing. Surrender is a powerful rebalancing and realigning space which is just what’s needed when we’re letting go and rebuilding simultaneously.

As the Resignation Generation have shown, you might enjoy what you do but you just need to surrender to doing what you love in a radically different way. It doesn’t have to be drastically bad. But at this time in our conscious development, a big picture look at your life is growing with the flow. Whatever cycle you’re in, it’s a great time to co-create with Saturn’s editing wisdoms to enrich the qualities that matter most to you.

Saturn isn’t saying you’re running out of space or time. It’s actually quite the opposite. ‘Different’ gives you a new form to absorb life in a nurturing, joyous and quality way. But that process all starts with surrendering to what is. Getting up close and personal with your own truth, imbalances and those nagging changes that are only a step away from completion.

So many will realise how tightly they were stuck in the day in, day out, mechanical humdrum of reality. And now they’ve woken up to ‘it doesn’t have to be this way and I don’t have to feel this way.’ Surrender isn’t failure, it’s necessary adjustment and realignment. It’s an opportunity to press the pause button intelligently. Recognise where we are in life, your energy levels and the purpose. Are you adrift from what you truly want? Or do you need the space to take a step back that’s in proportion with your next leap forward, rejuvenated and refreshed.


The Attitude of Gratitude..

Call it gratitude or appreciation it’s one of the most effective ways to get your creative point across. Saturn in Pisces is all ears when you step into the heart of creation and highlight what’s working well and bringing fulfilment. For Saturn this is live and let live, love and let love.

Whenever we turn a corner into the unknown, appreciating what we enjoy always keeps creative channels open. It also strengthens energy flows that reinforce creative fulfilment and magnetises openness to help when we need it most. Telling the universe what is working is just as important as what is being recycled. ‘Your thoughts create your reality’ has become well known. And appreciating what’s fulfilling reinforces your ability to take responsibility, keeping your reality balanced and flowing all at the same time.


Standing too close to life..

Saturn often gets a reputation for being the tough task master triggering initiations and innovations alike, to help build self-understanding and realisation. But when you’re dealing with the practical, you can often feel exhausted, out of sync or anxious as to what will happen next.  What can we do to get more energy, time and capacity to deal with enjoyable transitions?

Saturn suggests, forget about ‘more’ you’ve got exactly what you require right here, right now. If you can’t see it, then simplify so it can come to you. Perhaps not the answer you were expecting but until 2026 this will make a lot of sense. Many people have exactly what is life changing in their near reality. But there is so much attachment to what is passing, conflict and distraction it’s hard to see. With less dramas, less obligations and less stuff, it’s so much easier to understand what’s standing between you and fulfilment.

Saturn in Pisces builds your heartfelt connection and what helps you stay connected. It gets you to step away from measuring everything and disbelieving what you can’t see. It gets you to leave a conditioned time line from A – Z and go the scenic route. Often this is easier and more direct simply because there’s less resistance.

Saturn says there’s more to life than seeing it drain away or believing that each day you’re older and closer to less. For Saturn you’re born with your unique connection and it’s  magnetising strength and manifesting capability. This is all linked to how much you use it, refine it and co-create with it. Your connection is as cosmically perfect as anyone else’s. What makes us all unique, is what we choose to create with that connection and how we choose to experience.


Saved by a clever edit..

When you’re out of alignment, stressed, anxious or frustrated energy spills, scatters and runs away from fueling our lives. You miss out, are late or behind the times not because you wasted your time but because you were out of alignment with yourself.

Simplicity is a very effective way to recycle the past to build what you want Now, remain aligned rather than side-tracked. Simplification doesn’t make you give up what is supportive or helpful. You don’t have less, just less attachments and baggage. You aren’t stuck in the past or projecting into the future. Simplicity brings you into a Now you can benefit from. Editing what’s blocking your view makes life easier, and limits resistance.

This is why Saturn in Pisces is always going to encourage us to see ourselves as being connected to the endless flow of energy and consciousness from birth to death. If we are going to give up the conditioned fear of scarcity and Father Time controlling our destiny, we need to see space, time and the unknown all as one united flow of energy.

Simplicity might be hard to get your head around but for Saturn in Pisces, simplicity is one of the most efficient ways to energize a quality experience of what you truly want. Simplicity isn’t less, it helps you see your choices clearly, understand your direction, and appreciate the fact you’ve always got energy and a choice. Saturn loves the wisdom ‘less is more.’ Because when we don’t clutter our lives, we will always have what we need to fuel and fill it with what we truly want.


Neptune and Saturn’s ‘go with the flow’ Legacy..

I started this article with the Pisces Genius Einstein who spent his life finding the simplest explanations for the magical flow of our infinite universe.

So, I’m going to conclude with a summary of Neptune’s and Saturn’s in Pisces e=mc2

1          Reconnecting with the unlimited flow of energy through the heart, mind and soul from the inside out. Reunifying what we want to create in our world with the reality of our experience.

2          Reclaiming the energy, understandings and parts of ourselves that have been trapped in conditioned fear, homogenised perspectives and empty activity.

3          Clarifying our inner truth and realising that our greatest fulfillment comes when we take responsibility for choosing consciously rather than believing we are victims of life with little or no choice.

4          Accepting that it’s not a lack of energy that’s stopping transformation in our world but a lack of co-ordinated and willing leadership to serve the qualities and values chosen by the majority for the common good.

5          And lastly, As Einstein said, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.’  And Neptune and Saturn have reunited once more, to tell us this is the time when conscious waves of people, energy and responsibility are coming together. This is the time when we choose to travel beyond the fear, scarcity and victimhood of the passing paradigm. And this is when we choose to rebuild our world in alignment with our natural endless potential and the divine harmony of our beautiful home.

If you want more personal fulfilment or direction check out a Life Alchemy Session and start creating the life you truly want today.

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