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1st House

Pluto in the first house can bring a love-hate review making for some very interesting first impressions. Charisma and confidence can become overpowering if  ‘To be or not to be’ is often the question you need to ask yourself. Your confidence and charisma is ever present. But when you’re ill at ease, it can become your cover.  Pluto can best serve you if you embrace being yourself to the core of your being. Find your authentic resonance and embrace what you hold dear. Remember others see your charisma and ability, so, you don’t need to be the tower of power that puts others in the shade. More the case of  a tower of strength full of resourceful wisdoms people trust instantly.

2nd House

Pluto in 2nd can often shout ‘show me the money’ at the top of your lungs as you hunger for material success, recognition and all mod cons. Fortunately, understanding give and take and the true nature of value, can easily win you friends, influence and even convert your most severest critics. You are all about negotiation rather than confrontation. Your true nature knows trust rather than possession is ‘nine tenths’ of any Scorpio Law. Briming with financial advice for those less fortunate, you are happy to show others how to play the game of risk and how to walk away. Just remember, sometimes you have to leave at the top of your game, to avoid paying more than you bargained for.

3rd House

If you express yourself through your incredible creativity, your soft power persuasion will charm and magnetise an adoring audience. Your sensitivity to how others feel and the importance of enjoying your life and work, draw people to you continually. But you do have an overload switch. Immature tantrums, or reactions when you don’t get what you want, can put you in the naughty corner. Passion is vital in any creative process but your strength lies in your calm sensitivity, not a vulnerability that ends up attention seeking. Reputation is very important to you. So, if you don’t want any doors slammed in your face, choose to inspire rather than expect others to understand you instantly.

4th House

Pluto can often prowl like a Tiger in a cage in the 4th house. Early experiences or shocking events can leave a lasting impression. This can mean you don’t share well with others and can become obsessive about controlling what space you do have. Therefore, if you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder or for a close exit for most of your life,  harness your natural ability to make an authentic, lasting transformation for the better. Choose to dissolve memories and embrace healing. Understand you are doing this for yourself to restore peace, trust and a self-loving foundation. Releasing yourself from trauma will make space for the strong leader you are and inspire others to follow your example.

5th House

You are no stranger to drama and crisis, your passionate do or die nature dragging you into playing the dare devil, the fool or risking everything for someone else. Yes, you can seek the bright lights of Broadway or struggle with being a bigger better adrenaline junkie. But focusing your multitasking abilities in a balanced way, can attract the right kind of attention and see you go far through the personal recommendations of others. Whether you need a benefactor, personal reference or some good luck, your youthful charm and flexibility can turn the darkest of situations into a way to realise your own destiny.

6th House

Pluto is very good at rising to Life’s challenges and making a success of them. But if you are going to share that strength with others, you first need to learn to be self-loving, ask for help and help those who help themselves. Saviour complex or the belief that hard work solves everything, can be difficult to recognise. Many responsibilities early in your life, mean your family can overtake personal goals or health challenges put dreams on hold. Being willing to communicate how much and how hard you are working, will ensure that you get noticed for your contribution rather than become a martyr. If you find it hard to accept praise choose differently. That way you will always get the appreciation you deserve.

7th house

In the words of George Michael ‘you’ve got to have faith.’ And those with Pluto in the 7th  have far to go but also a large karmic foot print to manage. Whether everything feels like an uphill battle, a zealous search for purpose or relating on an obsessive scale, how you relate to yourself is the key to your fulfillment. Loner or outlaw your power comes from within not, entanglements with what you think you need. No logic or sensible advice will sway you when you have to make the tough decisions to embrace your true power. Letting your intuitive strength and acceptance of the unusual guide you well. And if you choose the road ‘less travelled’ you can make it enjoyable if you are able to appreciate all those who inspire your personal growth.

8th house

Lifeforce, passion and obsession are part of having Pluto on its home turf. You feel deeply and intensely. You also sense the cosmic order of things often before you recognise their meaning or value. This is the historical house of death and taxes but it is also where Pluto packs the biggest punch if you know when to fight and when to retire. Conflict isn’t necessary but supporting what you believe in at crucial times in your life, is vital for spiritual advancement. Many with this placement finish their lives in completely different circumstances from their origin story. The transformation in fortune, depends on how they have valued themselves, their journey and their relationship with trust.

9th House

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and in 9th house you will have much to discuss via this direct line to God and spirituality as a whole. Yes, you could have very deep religious convictions, be highly opinionated and lose friends and influence no one when debate turns to argument. The learning here is to explore what you believe even if others don’t agree with you or think you’re intensity extreme. Defending the right to choose and what you believe in, is a vital part of your life. Just remember love is part of everything; passion aside, you can agree to disagree. Showing you respect of your fellow man is important because  there’s more to life than being righteous.

10th House

Famous, infamous or renowned it’s all up to you with Pluto in the 10th. Many more people will know you than you might think. Word will travel fast about your talents and what you are capable of. If you shun fame and prefer privacy, you will spend much of your life perfecting, refining and embracing what goes into being professional and responsible. Staying out of the lime light might be hard. But there is no need to become a martyr of your own success. You are born to be noticed so, learn how to accept a compliment and don’t get too hung up about what others think of you.

11th House

Pluto in 11th is like a cosmic think tank. Whether you want to change the world with others or invest in the next household name, you are very capable of taking risks on life changing innovation. However, financial stability might not be your strong point. Especially at the beginning of your career. In reality you believe you can live the dream. But first you need to juggle losses with  profits and sometimes this means robbing Peter to pay Paul. Will it all come out in the wash? Yes, but remember there needs to be a grounded structure however fluid, to keep everything on the same page. Leaping ahead too far, could strand you ahead of your time waiting for the world to catch up.

12th House

For some Pluto in 12th is the darkest of places where your own worst enemy lurks. But it’s all up to what you choose to focus on. If you use your sinner-saint radar, pack a philosophical attitude or embrace your deep interest in Human nature,  you can find the miracles and magical transformations easily. Being cheated or having a challenging start to life, makes you very resourceful. But you could find you need to work on forgiving and forgetting, to keep you from carry unwanted burdens for large parts of your life. Your perception of your experience and its meaning is key to aligning with and harnessing your life changing potential.

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